Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Trek to EBC holds 7th position in Top Ten 'Once In A Lifetime' Trips

Taken from the NTB newsletter, dated 08 March 05

iExplore announced a list of Top Ten "Once-in-a-Lifetime" Trips, as determined by unique travel inquiries at iExplore over the last year on March 7, 2005. Trek to Mount Everest Base Camp(EBC) has been placed in seventh position in Top Ten ranking. Nepal is the only South Asian country to have chosen in this prestigious list. Last year The UK's leading magazine The Observer had ranked the Everest Base Camp in seventh position in 20 Journeys of a Lifetime. Champagne Flight to the North Pole has been registered as number one in the ranking which is followed by Travel to Timbuktu(Mali) and Back and Sea Kayak the Panama Canal.

iExplore founder and CEO, George Deeb, said, "As the Baby Boomers are approaching early retirement, they are less interested in accumulating hard assets at this stage in their life, and they are more interested in accumulating life changing experiences."

Deeb continued, "The above list shows you how far consumers are willing to go to get as unique an experience as possible, providing them with travel memories and 'travel bragging rights' for a lifetime."

Top Ten Ranking are as follows:

1 - Champagne Flight to the North Pole
2 - Travel to Timbuktu (Mali) and Back
3 - Sea Kayak the Panama Canal
4 - Stay With a Mongolian Family in the Gobi Desert
5 - Cage Dive with Great White Sharks in South Africa
6 - Camel Caravan Across the Sahara Desert
7 - Trek to Mount Everest Base Camp
8 - Take a Hot Springs Bath in Iceland
9 - Balloon Safari Over the Serengeti (Tanzania)
10 - Walk Rainforest Tree Canopies in the Amazon


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