Friday, July 08, 2005

London Travel Advisory


July 8, 2005

This Travel Warning is being issued to alert Nepalese citizens to ongoing security concerns in United Kingdom. We continue to urge Nepalese citizens to defer non-essential travel to United Kingdom.

We are concerned about the security situation in United Kingdom, specially in London and continue to urge Nepalese citizens to defer non-essential travel to United Kingdom. Travel via road, train or the underground in some areas in the center of London can be dangerous. On July 7th, 37 people were killed and 700 injured in a series of blasts in the London Underground and bus services. In addition, there have been brutal hotel price hikes as people got stranded in London.

An organisation has claimed responsibility for the attacks, and it seems they have Al-Queda Links. Seeing the fact that the UK was completely unprepared and the attacks could be carried out, we continue to regard that there is an ongoing intent to attack some more. The UK had periodically received information that the Al-Queda might attempt to attack or take actions specifically against U.K. citizens, but the authorities still did not manage to avert the attacks.

Nepalese citizens are advised to avoid travel to London unless they have reliable information that they can proceed safely in specific areas at specific times.

Nepalese citizens are encouraged to contact the Nepalese Embassy in London for the latest security information, and to travel by air whenever possible.

The Department of State in the US has designated the Al-Queda as a “Specially Designated Global Terrorist” organization under the "Terrorist Exclusion List" of the Immigration and Nationality Act and under Executive Order 13224.

Nepalese citizens who travel to or reside in Nepal despite this Travel Warning should factor the potential for violence into their plans, avoid public places and maintain low profiles while in UK. Nepalese citizens are urged to register with the Consular Section of the Embassy.

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