Saturday, October 27, 2007

Its definitely better in the mountains

Ok, I am biased... cannot help it... am a mountain lover....

The truth is that the situation is much much better outside the cities. (not so) strangely enough, the Maoists are all in the city now, crying themselves hoarse in a protest rally, now that they have come over-ground.

The villages are vibrant, people look much more happy now that they are not between the army and the Maoists. In fact, this year would be the first time in years that people did finally go back to the villages for the big festival of Dasain, which just ended yesterday... now that they are sure that they will not be abducted by Maoists and forced to join the movement.

Parts of the Terai still has its problems, and situations can be a bit volatile, but in the regular trail of Chitwan, there are no issues and travel is hardly impeded.

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