Monday, December 03, 2007

Why go to Nepal? Reason # 11 : Yeti Footprint Sighting Recently...

Yet another expedition, (which used torches to watch for the Yeti at night), has claimed that they saw footprints of what they think is a Yeti, according to a report filed by my dear friend Charlie in Kathmandu.

Well, all the more reason to go to Nepal and trek in the Everest Region... who knows, you might even meet one!!!

I believe that these expeditions cannot go back empty-handed. Whoever was gullible enough to have doled out the money for them to come, would want some results, by hook or by crook.... who will sponsor their wonderful trip to Nepal again, if they cannot show results....

But I love our legend of the Yeti. Its mystical, like most of Nepal. And if this is going to pull more people into visiting our wonderful land, all the more better.

read the report on the BBC website here..

Anyways, whatever reason you come to visit Nepal, whether to meet the Yeti, see the mountains, or just relax, you always leave this majestic country as a friend. It is always rewarding.

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