Friday, February 29, 2008

Whats the deal?

From what I read, it seems in todays world very important that other countries and organisations hail what you do... So our brothers, sisters and uncles and aunties in India think it is wonderful, even the US, which is like straight tunnel on the other side of the world thinks its fantastic and wait... even UN Mission In Nepal thinks it wonderful! How wonderful!

This from the Himalayan Times today

India, the United States and UNMIN today heartily welcomed the agreement between the Nepali government and the United Madhesi Democratic Front.

Immediately after the deal was signed, Indian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Navtej Sarna issued a statement in New Delhi welcoming the deal. The statement added that the agreement had paved the way for constituent assembly (CA) polls in Nepal. India also urged all political parties in Nepal to honour their commitments and hoped that the latest agreement would be implemented in letter and spirit.

"It is up to the Nepali people to chart their political and social future. They ought to decide for themselves what sort of government they want in their country and elect the representatives of their choice. This is essential for a democratic, stable and progressive Nepal. At all times, India is ready to provide any assistance required in this regard," the statement added.

"We expect this agreement will lead the UMDF parties to end their Tarai bandh with immediate effect and will pave the way for the three parties to participate fully in the upcoming Constituent Assembly election on April 10," a statement issued by the US embassy here said.

It also said the US expects both sides will fulfil the terms of the agreement.

Chief of the United Nation Mission in Nepal (UNMIN) Ian Martin "warmly" welcomed the agreement "Its implementation will be an important contribution to the election of an inclusive Constituent Assembly in a conducive climate," he said in a statement.


Whats the deal?

What matters is that the people in the Terai are happy, and the citizens of Nepal heaved a sigh of relief (damn, I think the country is reduced to intermittent sighs of reliefs!) at some sense shown by our "amazing" leaders. India is not hurting, nor is the US, and definitely not the UNMIN. Seriously, what do they care? They only like to act interested. If it gets a bit uninteresting, they will turn and leave. Only the public have to live with it, every little incompetency shown by our "patriotic" leaders.