Sunday, March 16, 2008

Tibet Travel Advice

The season for travel into Tibet is starting. And with news of new protests in Lhasa, people might get a bit hesitant to travel. Rightfully so....

Read a NY Times article here

OK, it is difficult to have accurate information from Nepal, and it does not help that Nepal has taken a negative stance towards Tibet, so the media is not reporting much. But we organise trips to Tibet, and deal with tour operators in Tibet, hence can get news enough for travel advice.

Right now, most problems are in Lhasa only, which during a standard trip to Tibet, is only two days. Knowing the Chinese Embassy and how they operate in Nepal, any day, the rules can change, the day they think that westerners are not welcome, because they would rather that they did not see the protests, the visa can stop. It has not happened right yet, but could... so be warned.

However, as is in Nepal, your life as such is never at threat. Tourists are always given a better status and priority, especially in Tibet now, since the Chinese need a good image for the August Olympics.

Hence the TRAVEL ADVICE: Keep your eyes and ears open, get accurate information, and be armed with local advice. Watch this space. There is no need to cancel your well deserved trips just yet.