Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April 10 Special

Now the elections are really on us, and speculation of violence marring it and causing travel problems are galore. News on every media predicts severe disruption of polls thereby affecting travel in the country.

Likely scenarios from my side are as follows

1. There could be demonstrations in Kathmandu, Pokhara and bigger towns... there is even a Nepal Bandh (general strike) announced from the 7th of April. These can cause disruptions of your plans while travelling in Nepal, but will be more hassle factor rather than actual security threats to you.

2. You are not suggested to go into the Terai. Chitwan is fine, but beyond that, there are more severe disruptions, and again, though your life as such might not be in danger, it is best not to go there.

3. Most of soft adventure travel stuff in Nepal happens in the mid-hills and the mountains anyways, where everything is fine. Feel free to travel there.

4. You will be totally fine in the mountains, and other than getting asked for donations by the new "maoists" the Young Communist League (YCL), nothing more serious happens in the mountains....