Sunday, May 11, 2008

not enough problems?

Its not like Nepal has no problems of its own... now it has to also face the international spotlight regarding the mostly daily protests by Tibetan refugees.... instances where the police have let the monks and nuns do their demonstrations peacefully do not get highlighted, but the day they round them up, Nepal gets into the bad books of the mostly West led romanticism of the Tibetan cause....

Read this on the BBC

I do not know when the West will stop staring at us and let us live our lives, and handle our problems as most nations do, by themselves.

I think the world is getting a bit fed up of the infestation by the West everywhere... Look at Burma now... they are reeling from a devastation, and the aid is being tied to politics... if the aid was clean (it never is unfortunately), I am sure the Junta would agree to it... but no, that will not happen.

Now the US is showing a deep interest in Nepal, as the country is being run by Maoists... Suddenly the US thinks that Nepal is deeply China allied, forgetting quickly that Beijing never supported the Maoists. In fact, when they fled the country, they went into hiding in India... and were having meetings in Delhi.

Unfortunately a poor nation does not have much clout, and it fears me that the US will show too much interest in us... it is not a good thing... look at all the places they have shown any interest... all devastated or in the process now...

God help us!