Sunday, March 01, 2009

Travel to Tibet Restrited: again!

Well, Tibet has been closed again for travel... for how long, who knows? why? no one knows.

The only thing we know is that the last travellers coming back reported that the Army was on the streets and checking tourists' camaras and as always, generally being a pain in the ass.

We also know that in Tibet, Loshar was not celebrated as much this year, nor was it in the Tibetan communities living here. That is mostly in protest of the violence around the problems during the Olympics!

So the advisory: If you are planning Tibet, talk to someone in Nepal first and find out what the situation is... in any case, travel to Tibet is pretty unsure nowadays... If you are planning on Tibet... have an alternative ready...

Here are some:-

1. Hidden Valley of Mustang trek - about 15 days
2. Manang trek and Thorong La Pass - 13-15 days
3. Mountain Biking in the Kathmandu Valley - 1 day to about 7 days

There are dozen of other trips to choose from...

Happy travels!

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