Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Travel Update - Nepal

So I am back with another travel advisory about Nepal. Was silent for this long on travel advisories as there was not much to report...

Was reading articles on how difficult it is to travel around Nepal nowadays with highway closures, strikes etc. e.g. this article from "Obstacle Course" by Kunda Dixit - so I am thinking, damn! this will scare a lot of people away! Did he really paint the right picture?

So here I am, doing up a google map of popular tourism sites in Nepal, and showing where the problems are, I will also try to keep this updated as much as I can... so that potential travellers can see where the problematic travel is:-

Remember though, he also writes in that article,

"The war may be over, there is supposed to be peace, but the nationwide highway blockades, curfews and chaos have made life even more difficult than it was during the conflict. The only difference is that people aren't being killed."

Though he goes on to talk about the public lynching of suspected child smugglers, but that I think is a bit different!

View Nepal Travel Advisory in a larger map

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