Friday, June 12, 2009

From the frying pan to the fire

pic: not from any of these strikes, but taken off the net, to show how students block roads

It used to be the Maoist who were terrorizing life in the far outreaches of the country, going through villages, demanding food and shelter for the "people's movement" from poor farmers in the village, forcing young people to join the "People's army" etc.

All that, in comparison to what life is in Nepal today, is nothing. Today the Maoist Affliliated organisations are the ones who are wreaking havoc in the country. The latest is a systematic shutdown of groups of districts in the country, played like an organ.

When will the Nepalese people ever realise that the ukhan "aphnei khutta ma bancharo hannu" is applicable here. All this shutdowns, these strikes, are only affecting us, the people of Nepal. Isn't that utter stupidity?

Anyways, I have a purpose here, and that is to give a travel advisory.

TRAVEL ADVISORY: Your trip can be hampered by these systematic shutdowns of districts, specially if your travel takes you through them. There is no knowing when the next shutdown is and where it will be, though a few days notice is generally there. Listen to locals

Having said that, all these "action" are still centered around important towns and cities. If your travels takes you primarily to the villages, as is usual with travel in Nepal, you are fine. Just go faster through the towns and cities, thats all!

As a foreigner, you are generally 'safer', unless you really happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. The chances for this are very very very slim!

See you in the mountains!

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