Monday, August 31, 2009

Its Calm in Kathmandu

The rains? Fatigue? Sense finally coming in? There must be some reason... but there is a lull in the mindless political aggravation seen in the streets of Kathmandu. I landed on the 16th August to a relatively quiet Kathmandu... OK, that is an exaggaration. Kathamandu is never quiet. But there was no big demonstration or tyre burning that is the symbol of defiance. And it has been quiet ever since... No, its not because I arrived! :-)

However, the good news is for travel. There has been no disruption to travel to any of our travellers recently, and that is very very good sign for things to come, specially since the season is coming upon us.

So, ADVISE for those coming in the season - There might be an odd burst of demonstrations from time to time, but it is getting rarer and rarer.

These are good times. Utilize it to the fullest!

See you in the mountains!

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