Saturday, May 29, 2010

Crisis Averted - and its Business as usual in Nepal

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We have saying in Nepal - "hatti ayo! hatti ayo! phussa...' ... basically meaning that there is a lot of hype built up but eventually nothing really happens. This is typical in Nepal, and this is exactly what happened midnight May 28th, and yet another crisis was averted, as it is usual in Nepal, at not the eleventh hour, but the first hour, which is beyond the twelfth! as usual, late again!

The international coverage this 'crisis' got inspired me to write this post, as I am sure the international press will NOT cover the fact that the 'crisis' has been averted, and concerned travelers out there will wait for information on what this means for their travels to Nepal.

Well, this is what I think will happen. Nothing! This is usual in Nepal. To give you a feel of what the mood like in Nepal today - there is a realization all across the nation that the political parties are an incompetent bunch, who tread over each other feet, and including their own from time to time, drag the country around left and right and backwards, but seldom forwards! And they are fed of all this! This needed to happen in this country and it looks like that realization has finally dawned.

This means that the challenges the parties face in getting the people behind them is even greater, which is good, as it could mean that they will finally perform, as opposed to 'perform', if you know what I mean!

Regardless, let me go into the advisory part.

No change in the situation in Nepal, except that there should be fewer bandhs (closures) as the last big closure of seven days, orchestrated by the Maoists, backfired terribly, and all political parties must be looking at that and thinking of the bad publicity that will bring them. This is good, means there will be lesser obstructions to travel in the future.

In any case, that was the only thing affecting travel in this country, and it looks like it will lessen.

So pack your bags, make sure you carry a headlamp (electricity is still erratic in this country) and some money - cash (sometimes ATM's do not work when you need them to) and come over.

See you in the mountains!

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