Saturday, August 30, 2014

Dear Turkish Airlines | Baggage Delay Woes KTM - TK - MUC

This is the claim the author of this blog made to Turkish Airlines based on baggage delays flying from KTM - TK - MUC posted here on this blog now after repeated no answers from Turkish Airlines email id which is the official complaint email for Baggage Delay Claims.

This is posted so that travellers to Nepal can be aware of problems that you could face if you have booked with Turkish Airlines!

The attachments are not added here for obvious reasons, and have been part of the email!


Dear BAT,

This is our official Baggage Delay Claim incurred when my family was travelling on 09th Aug 2014 from KTM - TK - MUC on holiday. The reference number is MUCTK11301 Last Name GYAWALL

1. Our baggage never arrived on the flight TK1635 on 09 Aug 2014 from Istanbul to Munich. We filled up a form and left the airport to go to our final destination in Austria. To start with the person who took our form never gave us a reference number and even gave us a wrong telephone number to call.

2. Repeated emails and tweets and facebook messages were ignored by Turkish Airlines until the 14th Aug 2014 - when my personal industry connections in the head office of Turkish Office Operations in Kathmandu, combined with my brother in law's contacts here in Salzburg finally got our complaint registered officially and the search started.

3. Eventually, we received our first bag on the 18th Aug 2014 delivered to our residence in Austria. The other bag was still registered as missing!

4. Out of desperation, we finally got a personal check done by sending our brother in law specially from Austria (three hour drive away) at the lost and found in Munich Airport, and found our bag after repeated physical searches, amongst a pile from a completely different airline, unregistered. This was on the 20th Aug 2014 - a full 11 days after the delay started!

5. We understandably had to make purchases during this delay for essentials while on holiday here in Austria - that included of course toiletries, undergarments, and minimal clothing and shoes for the planned hiking, biking and swimming holiday here in Austria.

Accordingly, we are making our financial claim for this inconvenience, which is our right!

I must state that while we understand that Turkish Airlines was under some pressure due to a big error in baggage that day, our experience with your customer service thereafter has not been good. I also work in the tourism industry and own a middle sized travel company with considerable influence in the world of travel (internally in Nepal and abroad through the networks on responsible tourism and my yearly physical talks at ITB and WTM) and this is definitely a bad experience especially coming from a European Airline of the Year Award winner.

I would be very happy to be surprised by a better service now that we are at this stage, and also on our return journey back with Turkish Airlines on the 06th Sep 2014!

I have attached our bills, our reference number, our baggage tags, our boarding card stubs and a summary of our claim. We also have listed on our summary, the bank details of my wife in Austria, where we would expect the money to be sent.

Please let me know if this will suffice!

Hoping to hear from you soon!

Raj Gyawali
Founder Director

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  1. Turlish airlines is a big mess. I have experienced similar problems twice in the past.