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Nepal's Newest Tourism Frontier - Destination Far West Nepal

Voted Best New Destination at two travel trade shows in India and regularly exhibiting at ITB Berlin - the Far West of Nepal is tourism’s new frontier, gearing itself with a goal to become a world renown responsible tourism destination. Till recently, it was impassable from the Nepalese side by the mighty Karnali river (incidentally one of the top five rivers in the world of whitewater rafting), which flows all the way from a lake fed by the snows of Mt. Kailash to the Holy Ganges in India. For Millenia, this area was the main route travellers took to their once in a lifetime pilgrimage to Manasarovar Lake and Kailash, the centre of the universe in Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism.

The area is teeming with this heritage, temples and shrines of varied importance dots its landscape, and the nature is virtually untouched - alpine meadows, vast sub-tropical to temperate forests, majestic himalayan peaks, wetlands, and jungles full of wildlife. Add the world renown hospitality of the people of Nepal, and this has the makings of a tourism destination like no other.

There is added value though. The Far West has set a goal to become a world renown responsible tourism destination - following principles of environment protection, cultural preservation and social inclusion in tourism - making it a green vehicle of change and prosperity for the region.

The offers are numerous, typical of Nepal, suitable for all types of travellers - wildlife watch, cultural immersion and adventure - soft to extreme.

Be the first ones to explore this untouched destination - responsibly. socialtours has been working since 2010 consulting, developing and marketing the products in this destination, in partnership with the Destination Marketing Organisation - The Tourism Development Society

Custom Bespoke Discoveries in the Far West

Tales of a Forest | half day ride
Several years ago, an enterprising villager decided to stop flooding of the Mahana river by planting some trees. Today, this initiative has created a whole forest corridor, providing fuel and fodder for his village, brought back wildlife - even elephants use this corridor, and of course the flooding has stopped. We ride on cycles to immerse ourselves in this initiative on this ride from Dhangadhi, and also enjoy the hospitality of the Tharu people.

Far West Flatlands | one week tour
This trip has it all - from massive herds of Swamp Deer, Wetlands boating, home-stays and eating everything made from Banana - to Royal Bengal Tiger sightings and rafting the mighty Karnali, Nepal’s only free-flow river from Tibet to India. You will not step on one hill yet go back with memories that will last a lifetime. 

Alpine meadows of Khaptad | 10 days tour and trek
To every Nepali, the alpine meadows of Khaptad are a dream - promising purity, peace and serenity - as far as the eyes can see. This dream can be accessed with just a six hour trek, beyond which we embark on enjoying this beautiful landscape and discovering the natural offerings of the Nepal’s least frequented National Park

Green Triangle Trek - Khaptad, BadiMalika & Ramaroshan | 14 days trek
The three big tourism assets of the Far West are the alpine meadows of Khaptad, the cultural significance of the BadiMalika Shrine, and the purity of the Ramaroshan high altitude wetlands. This trek combines all three assets on a triangle on a drive in drive out trek from Dhangadhi. Easily the trek that is going to be the most famous in the future. Time to do it now.

Great Himalaya Trail - Far West Section | 21 days trek
The Western most section of the 150+ days Great Himalaya Trail is the Far Western section. This trek starts from the border town bordering India in the West and walks east all the way to the biggest water body in Nepal - Rara Lake. You can be proud to have stepped into this undiscovered part of this trail. Only 129 days left to complete it to the east!

From Meadows to Lakes - Khaptad to Rara | 10 days trek
In all of Western Nepal the two images that stick out are the Alpine meadows of Khaptad and the pristine waters of Rara Lake - this trek brings the two together in a relatively hard trek that focuses on staying in peoples houses, enjoying their hospitality and listening to their stories.

Mt. Saipal Base Camp Trek | 10 days trek
Mt. Saipal is considered by many to be one of the best peaks to climb in order to train for the harder Everest Climb. We trek to the base camp of Saipal through protected untouched forests and high altitude trails. Meeting another trekker will be rare in this area.

Karnali Whitewater Expedition | 8 days
The Karnali is one of the top five Whitewater rivers in the world, at the best flow of course. This expedition is a long remote discovering of the power of this river, from raging rapids in the north to relaxed floats in the south, through the jungles of Bardia. You will be lucky if you sight a tiger coming for a drink, or even more rare, the Gangetic Dolphin surfing the waters of this mighty river.

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