Friday, March 11, 2005

Nepali Congress's movement to be based within the country

from nepalnews

In what is seen as a decision that could have far-reaching consequences, a major political party in the country, Nepali Congress (NC), has said it is not its policy to send its workers abroad or ask its workers to go underground.

In a statement issued Thursday, NC central office asked its cadres to stay put and actively take part in the civil disobedience movement.

The NC’s clarification has come when a number of second rung NC leaders had fled to bordering Indian towns and even the capital, New Delhi, after the February 1 move and some others had gone underground fearing arrests. The NC has also called its cadres to court arrest as per the party’s directives.

The NC has launched a nationwide peaceful movement beginning National Democracy Day (February 18) calling for restoration of peace and democracy.

“We will also discuss our policies with other four parties who have joined in the nationwide movement,” said Dr Ram Sharan Mahat, a central committee member of Nepali Congress. “The latest NC decision has come to clear confusion among the party cadres,” he added.

The NC’s decision has come amid criticism from top government officials that the opposition parties’ had hurt national dignity by making foreign soil their base (to launch their movement.)

Over 200 activists affiliated to five opposition parties were arrested on Tuesday while launching peaceful demonstrations across the country.

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