Monday, March 14, 2005

Rafted over the weekend - was safe

I went rafting over the weekend - to the Bhote Koshi, which incidentally is one of the top ten rivers in the world (in high flow) for rafting.

Was hearing of some blockade starting Monday, but this was not authenticated in the Sindulpalchowk region. This river falls on the Arniko Highway, on the road to tibet. In fact, the number of police and army checkpoints are still the same, and there is no sign of a beef up in security or anything. Things seemed pretty normal.

We did an overnight, and it was very safe. Never felt anything suspicious. Also did a small hike up to a village above the highway where there is the old trade route to Tibet to get a feel of the situation in the villages, and also drew a blank. Things are pretty normal in this area.

Was a mixed group of foreigners staying / working in Nepal.....Finnish, Swiss, Norwegian, Peruvian, Austrain, Dutch and Japanese. ;) Hey that's three continents...

Was rafting with Ultimate Descents and staying overnight at the Borderlands Resort

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