Thursday, December 01, 2005

Political Update of Nepal

Days before the unilateral ceasefire announced by the CPN (Maoist) comes to an end, a top Maoist leader has said his party has lost two senior military commanders in an aerial attack by the Royal Nepalese Army in mid-western Nepal.

Yet, the Maoists seem ready to extend the ceasefire. Even as they confirmed these deaths, Prachanda, the Maoist supreme announced that they are still committed to the alliance recently forged with the political parties. He also announced that they are considering extending the ceasefire.

This could have important implications for tourism which had shown a sign of revival as the ceasefire was announced.

The biggest hurdle at the moment is the refusal of insurance agencies in the West to offer travel insurance to potential travelers to this kingdom. As we love conspiracy theories in Nepal, there is talk in the tourism sector of a collusion of big travel agencies in the West and the insurance companies with the insurance only being offered to group travelers, reducing the chances of small operators from Nepal marketing their products directly to individual clientele.

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A leading European think-tank has said the agreement between the seven-party opposition alliance and CPN (Maoist) of Nepal this month has dramatically changed political realities in the country.

In its latest report analyzing the political context of Nepal, the Brussels based think-tank, International Crisis Group (ICG), said the dialogue between the Nepal’s mainstream parties and Maoists had India’s tacit backing and that they have developed a serious agenda which offers the framework of a peace deal.

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