Sunday, December 04, 2005

Visitors Figures up compared to last year

A report from the Nepal Tourism Board E-Newsletter

Visitors arriving to Nepal by air in November 2005 increased by 14.2% compared to the same month of 2004. This was stated in the figures released today by the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation quoting Immigration Office, Tribhuvan International Airport. Arrivals from India and the third countries both increased by 30% and 9.9% respectively. A total of 27,511 visitors came to Nepal during the month.

Indian market continued to show the increasing trend indicating the fact that confidence level from the market is accelerating day by day. Arrivals from SAARC countries grew altogether by 34.6% with the only decline coming from the Sri-Lankan market. Bangladesh was on a remarkable growth trend last month too showing an increase of 116.3%.

The other Asian markets to rise were China (51%), Japan (21.5%) and South Korea (39.1%). Arrivals from South East Asian markets, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia however showed some decline.

The European segment altogether grew by 7.3% with growth from major markets like UK (21.3%) and France (7.4%). The Spanish (16.6%) and Italian (13.5%) continued their positive performance while Germany observed incremental loss (-1.6%) and a loss of 34.6% from Dutch market. Arrivals were down from Australian market (-20.7%) while American arrivals grew by 18.8%.

Commenting on the increased figure of last month, NTB CEO Mr. Dangi says, 'The increasing trend in arrival is not only the sign of increasing confidence of the markets towards the destination, but also a challenge to the Nepalese tourism to retain the growth for the coming days. With the added stability in the country, we need to work more collectively and put our co-ordinated effort to brighten the days of Nepalese tourism further.'

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