Monday, January 02, 2006

maoists withdraw ceasefire

Maoists withdraw ceasefire (1:30 pm)

The Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) has announced withdrawal of its unilateral ceasefire declared four months ago.

press statement issued by the Maoist supremo, Prachanda, on Monday said his party was compelled to call off the ceasefire "as the government continued its military operation even during the period of unilateral ceasefire."Prachanda, however, expressed commitment to assist the ongoing movement of seven opposition alliance as per the 12-point agreement between his party and the seven political parties.

The statement further said that though national and international communities took the unilateral ceasefire positively, the government continued its blatant action against the party.

The statement said that the government killed many party cadres including Kim Bahadur Thapa alias Sunil during the three month long unilateral ceasefire and also continued such acts during the extension of the ceasefire.

The statement said that the Royal Nepalese Army (RNA) continued land and aerial attacks during the ceasefire, so they were compelled to take such a decision.

The statement further said that though the party had taken the calls from national and international organizations for the continuity of the ceasefire positively, they were unable to do so due to situation.

Maoists also said that their action will be directed towards the autocratic royal regime and the municipal election slated for February 8.

The party however expressed commitment to declare ceasefire and involve in the politics of mainstream if there is guarantee of empowering people through the election of constituent assembly after forming an all-party government through a round-table conference.

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