Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Nepalese tourism expected to rebound in 2006

Tourism has been the mainstay of Nepal's economy. This fact has been proven by the employment and foreign currency it generates. At a time, when most of the other trade and industry are sometimes affected by internal and external problems, tourism has proved to be the industry surviving and producing good result. It has been encountering some unforeseen problems in Nepal, which has also granted it an opportunity to learn a good lesson to grapple with the waves of situations-some conducive, some untoward.

At this juncture, the abrupt end of cease fire should not be panicky to anyone in terms of running the main core of business. The travel trade industry has been running their services and catering quality services to its clients (tourists) irrespective of the problems of any hue and magnitude. As a result, most of the tourist destinations within the country have never lagged behind to treat their "Guests as God"-a phrase world renowned for the hospitality inherent in the mind and soul of people of Nepal. In any case, if there is a severe problem associated with the travel trade (Bandh, strikes, pickets etc) the agency handling the tourist itself will caution about safety measures or else Nepal Tourism Board in association with various government and non government agencies will activate the high level crises management Cell aiming at the welfare of the tourists. However, this is a contingency measure planned in case of emergency, but as in practice tourists have not encountered such problem so far in Nepal.

There is no better example to show Nepal is a safe place than quoting world renowned personalities who were recently here in Nepal for their private visit. World-renowned celebrity like Sunil Gavaskar- legendary cricket icon who was here recently said that Nepal is the best place for relaxation as it is quiet and peaceful. Another celebrity Mr. David Breashears, Co-director of widely acclaimed Everest IMAX film and author of several books on mountains who was here in December, 2005 said that he found people of different nationalities traveling in Nepal without facing any problem.

If we delve into the pre-cease fire figure of tourist arrivals, the flow of tourists to Nepal was encouraging which also proves that the tourists' love towards Nepal was not less even during pre ceasefire situation. The good number of tourist visiting Nepal in pre-ceasefire situations also speaks volumes to Nepal's claim of most happening enchanting destination with sufficient coverage of safety and security in the major tourism destinations within the country. Irrespective of time, the service provided by Nepal's industry to the visitors is always up to the mark. So, allow us to reiterate here that no compromise would be made in the delivery of the services, as committed by the travel industry of Nepal, even in the wake of post cease fire situation too. Tourism sites of Nepal has remained firm and committed in pre or post cease fire situations. We comprehend that the duty of travel industry does not be complete merely inviting here, however, it also falls as part of their responsibility to convey right information at right time. Therefore, if any tourists wish to visit Nepal, NTB humbly request to seek the services from Government Registered Travel and Trade companies (List of all Government registered hotels, travel, trekking and Rafting agents are listed in our official website viz. www. welcomenepal. com).

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