Saturday, November 25, 2006

Peace prevails, come and visit Nepal

The much awaited Comprehensive Peace Accord (CPA) was signed between the government of Nepal and the Communist Party of Nepal(Maoists) on Tuesday evening, November 21, 2006 formally announcing an end to a decade-long armed insurgency what Maoists termed as "People's War". Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala and Chairman of Communist Party of Nepal(Maoists) Prachanda signed the historic Accord promising to chart a new destiny for "peaceful and democratic" new Nepal, and pledging for peaceful coexistence of all Nepali irrespective of caste, creed, religion and gender.

On behalf of Nepalese tourism industry, Nepal Tourism Board salutes all those in front and behind to make CPA a success. Over more than a half decade, Nepalese tourism industry has suffered severely due to conflicts at home and other untoward incidences that took place around the world. Since both the Government and Maoists have committed for free movement of tourists and all Nepali in any part of the country without hindrance, it will definitely provide a boost to ailing tourism industry of Nepal. The signing of CPA also put full stop to illegal donation collected by Maoists from trekkers in the different trekking routes. Now tourists can go anywhere in Nepal with any hiccup and hitch. Although not a single tourist had been targeted or harmed by the rebels during a decade-long insurgency, the conflict emanated wrong message to world about the safety and security situation of Nepal. With the ending of conflict, all tourism entrepreneurs have expressed their satisfaction and happiness in a hope that it will bring permanent peace in the country which is vital for the growth of tourism industry.

Signing of CPA has given a positive message to the world that Nepalese people are capable of resolving their own problem; and it has set an example in conflict resolution for the whole world. What until recently was dream of all Nepali and peace lovers has now become a reality. Nepalese tourism industry would like to thank all tourists and tourist generating countries for their generous and unwavering support to Nepal and its people. The people of Nepal would like to make a pledge to all tourists who had postponed their tour to Nepal due to various reasons to come and visit Nepal and see and experience its beauty, grandeur, culture, arcane temples and monasteries, mountains and jungles of Nepal. Nepalese people also would like to request all tourists to make a New Year Resolution for 2007 to visit Nepal as a life time experience.

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