Saturday, September 29, 2007

Advisory: Bring an umbrella

It is quite evident that the biggest dampener of tourism in this country this season is not going to be the Maoists and their antics, nor the political gymnastics and imminent elections, nor the attention grabbing techniques in the Madesh, but plain old rain... rain, rain and more rain. Read the five day forecast from the BBC here

It has been bad weather for seven days straight, and it has been raining off and on all these days. The temperatures have gone down and is now at about 20 C highest. Nice temperatures, but damp days, and nights. One of our clients on safari in Chitwan, was rained in for 36 hours and in the first break she had, she was blessed with a sight of three leopards... extremely lucky...

Anyways, the advisory therefore will be, bring an umbrella, or if you are trekking, a rain Poncho, NOT a super duper goretex jacket, but a plain old rain Poncho... much better as it also goes over your rucksack and lets you stay dry and keep walking. Careful though, in heavy rain, the version you can buy in Nepal do not have waterproof zips, therefore though they only cost about 5-6 dollars and that is extremely tempting, if staying absolutely dry is a priority, you might want to invest in a good poncho. Check to see if your rucksack also fits though.

FYI, read more about gear here

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